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The treatment of illness in infants, children and adolescents is known as Pediatrics. A doctor with a knowledge of disorders unique to children, such as certain infectious diseases, congential defects, and immunizations, is referred to as a Pediatrician.

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Pediatric Decision-Making Strategies, 2e
Author(s): Albert J. Pomeranz MD, Svapna Sabnis MD, Sharon Busey MD, Robert M. Kliegman MD
Published: February 2015
ISBN 13: 9780323298544
ISBN 10: 0323298540
Pediatric Dermatology DDX Deck, 2e
Author(s): William L Weston MD, Joseph G. Morelli MD
Published: September 2016
ISBN 13: 9780323396295
ISBN 10: 0323396291
Pediatric Primary Care, 5e (Burns, Pediatric Primary Care)
Author(s): Catherine E. Burns PhD RN CPNP-PC FAAN, Ardys M. Dunn PhD RN PNP, Margaret A. Brady PhD RN CPNP-PC, Nancy Barber Starr MS APRN BC (PNP) CPNP-PC, Catherine G. Blosser MPA:HA RN APRN BC (PNP)
Published: March 2012
ISBN 13: 9780323080248
ISBN 10: 0323080243
Pediatric Sonography
Published: October 2010
ISBN 13: 9781605476650
ISBN 10: 160547665X
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Certification Course Kit, Practice Tests included
Author(s): Dr. Karl Disque
Published: 2014
ISBN 13: 9780989267922
ISBN 10: 098926792X
Pediatric Intensive Care (Pittsburgh Critical Care Medicine)
Published: April 2017
ISBN 13: 9780199918027
ISBN 10: 0199918023
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Manual
Published: February 2017
ISBN 13: 9781616695590
ISBN 10: 1616695595
USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes 2017: Pediatrics (Kaplan Test Prep)
Author(s): Kaplan Medical
Published: September 2016
ISBN 13: 9781506208169
ISBN 10: 1506208169
Berkowitz's Pediatrics: A Primary Care Approach (Berkowitz, Berkowitz's Pediatrics: A Primary Care Approach)
Author(s): Carol D. Berkowitz MD FAAP
Published: June 2014
ISBN 13: 9781581108460
ISBN 10: 158110846X
Hurwitz Clinical Pediatric Dermatology: A Textbook of Skin Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence, 5e
Author(s): Amy S Paller, Anthony J. Mancini MD
Published: November 2015
ISBN 13: 9780323244756
ISBN 10: 0323244750
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