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Endocrinology is the study of disorders pertaining to organs whose main function is hormone secretion, including the thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, pancreas and ovaries and testes. A physician who specializes in treating these organs and their diseases, such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes, is referred to as an Endocrinologist.

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Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric, 2-Volume Set, 7e
Author(s): J. Larry Jameson MD PhD, Leslie J. De Groot MD
Published: March 2015
ISBN 13: 9780323189071
ISBN 10: 0323189075
Greenspan's Basic and Clinical Endocrinology, Ninth Edition (LANGE Clinical Medicine)
Author(s): David Gardner, Dolores Shoback
Published: June 2011
ISBN 13: 9780071622431
ISBN 10: 0071622438
Williams Textbook of Endocrinology, 13e
Author(s): Shlomo Melmed MBChB MACP, Kenneth S. Polonsky MD, P. Reed Larsen MD FRCP, Henry M. Kronenberg MD
Published: December 2015
ISBN 13: 9780323297387
ISBN 10: 0323297382
Tarascon Adult Endocrinology Pocketbook
Author(s): Marc J. Laufgraben, Geetha Gopalakrishnan
Published: June 2013
ISBN 13: 9781449648565
ISBN 10: 1449648568
The Washington Manual of Endocrinology Subspecialty Consult
Author(s): Janet B. McGill MD, Thomas J. Baranski MD, William E. Clutter MD, Katherine Henderson MD
Published: September 2012
ISBN 13: 9781451114072
ISBN 10: 1451114079
Endocrinology Pocket Guide: Full illustrated
Published: February 2016
ISBN 13:
Harrison's Endocrinology, 4E (Harrison's Specialty)
Author(s): J. Larry Jameson
Published: November 2016
ISBN 13: 9781259835728
ISBN 10: 1259835723
Manual of Endocrinology and Metabolism (Lippincott Manual Series)
Author(s): Norman Lavin
Published: April 2009
ISBN 13: 9780781768863
ISBN 10: 0781768861
Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility
Author(s): Marc A. Fritz MD, Leon Speroff MD
Published: December 2010
ISBN 13: 9780781779685
ISBN 10: 0781779685
An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology, Fourth Edition
Author(s): Randy J. Nelson
Published: August 2011
ISBN 13: 9780878936205
ISBN 10: 0878936203
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