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Surgery to reconstruct, replace or reattach body parts is called Plastic Surgery. It is used after someone suffers a severe injury or burn or to help those effected by birth defects or who had to have a surgical removal of a body part.

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Plastic Surgery Emergencies: Principles and Techniques
Author(s): Jamal M. Bullocks, Patrick W. Hsu, Shayan A. Izaddoost, Larry Hollier
Published: June 2017
ISBN 13: 9781626231153
ISBN 10: 162623115X
Plastic Surgery Case Review: Oral Board Study Guide
Author(s): Albert S. Woo, Farooq Shahzad, Alison Snyder-Warwick
Published: October 2014
ISBN 13: 9781604068207
ISBN 10: 1604068205
Plastic Surgery Secrets Plus, 2e
Author(s): Jeffrey Weinzweig MD FACS
Published: April 2010
ISBN 13: 9780323034708
ISBN 10: 0323034705
Plastic Surgery: 6-Volume Set, 4e
Author(s): Peter C. Neligan MB FRCS(I) FRCSC FACS
Published: September 2017
ISBN 13: 9780323356305
ISBN 10: 0323356303
Essentials of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Published: May 2017
ISBN 13: 9781498758383
ISBN 10: 149875838X
Michigan Manual of Plastic Surgery (Lippincott Manual Series)
Author(s): David L. Brown MD, Gregory H. Borschel MD, Dr. Benjamin Levi M.D.
Published: March 2014
ISBN 13: 9781451183672
ISBN 10: 1451183674
Anatomy for Plastic Surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck
Published: March 2016
ISBN 13: 9781626230910
ISBN 10: 1626230919
Review of Plastic Surgery, 1e
Author(s): Donald W Buck II M.D.
Published: December 2015
ISBN 13: 9780323354912
ISBN 10: 0323354912
Grabb and Smith's Plastic Surgery (GRABB'S PLASTIC SURGERY)
Author(s): Charles HM Thorne MD, Geoffrey C. Gurtner MD, Dr. Kevin Chung, Dr. Arun Gosain, Dr. Babak Mehrara, Dr. Peter Rubin, Scott L. Spear MD FACS
Published: September 2013
ISBN 13: 9781451109559
ISBN 10: 1451109555
Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques
Author(s): Eve Pearl
Published: January 2004
ISBN 13: 9780446531696
ISBN 10: 0446531693
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